Acts of Donation

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In general an act of donation is any one party, giving ownership to another party, for an item of value, in exchange for no value. In other words, its giving something of value to someone without receiving any type of payment for it. You are simply donating. All donations are made between two living people and in some cases donations are made between living people and corporations or corporations and corporations. Here at Lobdell Auto Title we handle all Acts of Donation dealing with motor vehicles. If you are planning to give your car or truck to someone you care about then go about the process the right way and let us handle the paperwork for you. What is an Act of Donation?


A donation is an authentic act executed before a notary in the presence of two witnesses transferring the ownership of a vehicle with no monetary exchange.

A manual gift is a transfer of property made by delivery of the thing to the donee without any other formality.

Current certificate of title assigned before a notary by donor to donee. If a lien is recorded on the title, it must be properly released.
Authentic act of donation, if applicable. A sample form is attached.
Manual Gift of a Motor Vehicle, if applicable. A sample form is attached. (DPSMV 1698)
If the vehicle is less than ten (10) years old and the back of the title does not contain an odometer disclosure statement, a supplemental odometer statement must be submitted.
Vehicle Application (DPSMV 1799)
Fees – title fee, handling fee, license plate/transfer fee, lien recordation fee (if applicable).
Proof of current liability insurance coverage if a license plate is issued.

Sales/use tax is due on the following transaction:
outstanding principal when assuming a mortgage unless being assumed by a spouse
Sales/use tax is not due on the following transactions:
transfer by an affidavit of heirship
transfer by a divorce decree
transfer by a judgment of possession