Specialty Plates

Baton Rouge DMV | Specialty Plates

Like all other states, the state of Louisiana offers requires that all motor passenger vehicles have license plates and the law also requires that you keep your plates renewed every two years. (Registration Renewals) Your license plate must display a decal on the license plate that shows when the tag will expire. This decal can be obtained when you first register your vehicle or when you renew your plates. In addition to the standard plates which are white with blue lettering you can choose to get specialty plates.

Louisiana Specialty Plates

Lobdell Auto Title can help you with your specialty plates needs. We are an authorized DMV and can make your experience a quick and positive one. In the state of Louisiana you have a few choices when it comes to specialty plates. You may choose;

  • Military honor plates
  • Collegiate plates
  • Personalized plates

Come in today and allow us to help you with your specialty plates.