Adress Change

Baton Rouge DMV | Address Change

Americans move a lot. In fact the average American moves every 5 years. In the state of Louisiana you must notify the state within 10 days of moving to your new location. To stay legal and follow the law, after you relocate, within 10 days, visit Lobdell Auto Title conveniently located at 7510 Florida Blvd. We are here to serve you. And we make sure we serve you quickly and efficiently.

What Should You Bring?

When you move to a new address in Louisiana, you must notify the OMV within 10 days. Visit your local LA OMV office in person with:

  • Your current LA driver’s license/ID card.
  • Proof of your insurance, if you own a vehicle.
  • In addition to changing your address on your driver’s license, you’ll need to update your LA car registration.
  • Payment for the required fee.
    You cannot change your address on your LA driver’s license/ID card online or by mail.

NOTE: If your Louisiana driver’s license will be expiring within the next 90 days, you’ll need to renew it.