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notary servicesJust about everyone at some point and time is going to need notary services. When you think of notary services you may not immediately know that you are going to need the service. But when you consider all of the things that are covered under notary services you begin to realize that you most definately are going to need a notary in 2016. Lobdel Auto Title conveniently located at 7510 Florida Blvd. is your best choice for all your notary needs. Whether you are buying or selling, deciding on your last Will and Testament or just authenticating a document, a notary is someone you can trust to make all of these documents official.

Lobdel Auto Title Notary Services

At Lobdell Auto Title we make sure your notary services are fast and accurate. We consistently keep valuable coupons available on line for the good people of Baton Rouge to utilize and save when they need anything notarized. We want to be your go to company when it comes to getting any document notarized. Our staff is friendly and will keep you smiling throughtout your experience with us. When you choose Lobdell Auto Title you choose a company that has been in the notary business for over 25 years. We know the ins and outs of just about any notary situation and can help you to make sure you are notorizing your documents correctly. Here are some of the documents that we can notorize:

  1. Child custody paperwork
  2. Bill of Sale
  3. Transfer of Title
  4. last Will and Testament
  5. Business Agreements
  6. Personal Loan Agreements
  7. Business Transactions
  8. Authorization to Travel With Child
  9. Temporary Custody Paperwork
  10. Titles
  11. Real estate Transactions
  12. Auto Transfer Transaction

These are just some of the types of documents that we can notarize for you. Stop by our office and find out just how efficient we are. Lobdel Auto Title your best choice in all notary needs.

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